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February 3, 2019 | Dental | No Comments

Oral health might seem least of your worries out of all the health issues you hear or read about. It’s not uncommon to either sometimes forget to or sometimes ignore brushing as we feel it isn’t that important and won’t cause our health any serious consequences. Not just that, not many people are habitual of going to a dentist for a routine checkup as well. It is due to the mindset that just brushing once a day is enough.Visit homepage¬†use these tips.

It is often conceived oral health isn’t as complicated as health issues such as heart attacks or cancer that directly attacks your life expectancy and quality. But then, if you’re here, it is to realize how wrong you were if you had the same perspective about oral health, for what you’re about to read will absolutely blow your mind. Now, to begin with, your mouth hosts almost a million bacteria. Some of these bacteria are harmful to your health while some of them actually help maintain your body balance. But then if you aren’t cleaning your mouth daily, chances are these bacteria will cause you some serious health issues.

Your saliva, for example, is an excellent source of information regarding your cortisol level, bone density and many more things happening in your body. In case you don’t maintain a proper oral health, these are the following disease you might invite inside your body:

-Heart disease: the bacteria accumulated in your mouth might travel into your bloodstream and make you susceptible to heart diseases such as heart attack.

-COPD: Again the bacteria from your mouth might enter your bloodstream and your lung eventually, worsening your lung infection.

-Stroke: These bacteria also sometimes contribute to narrowing or blocking your arteries, hence causing a hindrance in your blood flow, and also a stroke because of the same reason.

-Diabetes: Gum diseases caused can aggravate your blood sugar level, risking your life and leading you closer toward health problems such as diabetes.

-Cardiovascular disease: Oral inflammation of gums due to gingivitis can lead to clogging and narrowing of arteries, and hence increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

-Preterm birth: Gum diseases also lead to preterm birth with the baby born being underweight and weak. This is due to the bacteria interfering with the fetus development, making its quality poor.

It also causes other diseases such as kidney infection, erectile dysfunction, and infertility (both in men and women).

Sounds scary? We thought so, which is why we emphasize on a proper oral health management. This includes brushing twice every day, flossing without fail, and visiting your dentist at regular intervals to ensure everything is fine.

You also must take precautions such as avoiding tongue or lip piercings, sugary drinks that might cause dental plaques, and be drinking lots of water.

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