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Microsoft introduced Windows Azure platform as Microsoft’s cloud service which provides customized storage and computing resources. Window Azure is perfect for running big data applications, hosting collaboration systems and also shifting applications out of the over-taxed data centers.If an application is responsible for handling large volumes of data or controlling considerable CPU resources, then in this case shifting to Widows Azure can be really useful. After migrating to cloud the whole system becomes scalable on demand and no extra server configuration is needed.Checkout Azure Database Migration Services for more info.

The same technologies are being supported by the Windows Azure which has been used by millions of IP experts and they already trust those technologies.

Advantages of Migrating to Windows Azure

Integrates with your existing IT environment- At times your cloud service provider asks you to make a choice between your cloud and your data center but this is not the case if you migrate to Azure. Azure mixes with your existing IT infrastructure very easily with the help of the major networks of secure private connections, data residency and encryption features and hybrid storage and database solution. So, you do not move your resources as they remain wherever they are. Apart from this, with the help of the Azure Stack you can also bring the Azure model of deployment and application development to the data center. Azure hybrid cloud is there to offer you with the less cost and more IP options, proving to be the best cloud services available in the market.

No physical administration- Many of you might be facing the stress of setting up a SQL server, setting up the database and also struggling with physical machines. The big advantage of the Azure is that it gets your database hosted in such a way that all your issues and struggles become someone else’s job.

Pay as your scale goes- The pay-as-you-go service available with the Azure can immediately scale up and down to meet the current demands of the organization so you only pay for what you want and there are no additional charges.

  1. Run your apps anywhere- Being one of the best cloud services from the Microsoft, Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 22 regions. This fastest growing universal footprint provides you with a lot of options for ensuring high-level customer performance and running applications
  2. Providing support for non-Microsoft technologies- Yes! The Azure provides support to the non- Microsoft technologies too. The more third-party software technologies Microsoft would support across all the diverse layers of Azure, it would be more frequently used by people to build applications with other software they are already comfortable with.
  3. Make smarter decisions- Azure allows you to make smarter decisions, discover new business possibilities from your organized or unstructured and flowing Internet of Things data and improve customer service with its predictive analytics services which includes Cornata Analytics and Stream Analytics, machine learning. These features help an organization in redefining its business intelligence.
  4. Rely on a trusted cloud service- Azure is effectively designed to handle any workload and offers 24/7 tech support, enterprise-grade SLAs on services and round-the-clock service health monitoring.

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