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February 18, 2019 | Business | No Comments

Costa Rica is one of the most popular vacation destinations in North America. The country plays host to a variety of landscapes and wildlife, thus it lures countless vacationers who are interested in getting away from it all.

However, like most people know, all vacations are not the same. Sometimes all that makes a difference between a fabulous vacation experience and one someone would like to forget is planning.

Most of the country is still unspoilt nature, yet not everyone wants to get up close and personal with nature, thus people should first consider where they would like to spend their vacation. Costa Rica has rainforests, beaches, mountains and cities. Therefore, selecting the appropriate destination is key to booking a relaxing trip. Click here to enable the notifications for  best places to vacation  details here

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and chances are that most visitors to the country will spend at least a night or two there. Costa Rican law dictates that all roads lead to the capital, so countless numbers of tourists elect to spend their first few nights in the capital city before moving on to their final destinations.


There are two main types of ways people choose to enjoy their visit; by selecting the luxury route or the budget route. Since the country is known for impressive flora and fauna and a generous exchange rate for many foreign tourists, it has become a haven for backpackers and luxury lovers.


There are many hostels which cater to the backpacking demographic. A dollar goes far in the country, thus many local meals and activities can be had for very reasonable prices. Even people who select the luxury route can expect their money to go farther.

There are many upscale hotels on the island, but more and more vacationers are electing to book one of Costa Rica’s many luxury villas for their stays. A large number of villa rentals come with hotel amenities, so guests are able to enjoy the best of both worlds during their stays.

Costa Rican beaches are famous the world over and for good reason. The pristine waters yield way to an innumerable amount of leisure activities. People can go deep sea fishing, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, book an ecotour and more.

The country takes its landscapes seriously and manages to balance activities with maintaining nature’s beauty. It’s ability to effectively balance nature with tourism has resulted in a unique vacation experience. Many tourists tout the country’s amazing food which is available from the street vendors to the best restaurants on the island.

If there is one way to describe the country’s cuisine, it would be fresh. Their waters and rainforests are fertile with marine life and fruit. This freshness gives way to a fabulous culinary world of fresh seafood, ripe fruits and excited palates.

Tourists must bear in mind however, that all of the natural beauty comes at a price. Not all areas have Wi-Fi or Internet connections. Connectivity may be interrupted, thus for people that can’t imagine parting with the Internet should inquire about which destinations or which accommodations have Internet access.

Some people can’t afford to be completely separated from their friends and family back home and nothing can ruin the start of a vacation by finding out that they will be unreachable by email or Skype on their first day in the country. Yet, a quick email query can clear up any questions about a locale’s web connectivity before booking.

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