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Know About Boutique Hotel

August 15, 2019 | Boutique Hotels, Business | No Comments

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Recently, there has been a surge of hotel boutiques that have gained most of the guest accommodations all over the world. But do you know the real meaning of the term ’boutique’ in the hotel boutiques or why this term is even used?

For it to be considered a boutique hotel, it must fit into certain criteria:

First criteria is that the size of the hotel must be small. It is often debated on how many rooms there must be in a boutique hotel. As for the majority, a hotel boutique has not more than 100 rooms but at least 10 rooms.

The second criteria is the ambiance of the hotel or the mood and feel of the hotel. The sum of all the interior decor, furniture and all the appliances rolled into one making each visitors stay an outstanding and even everlasting one. The boutique luxury hotel’s atmosphere is comprised of decor, ambience, personalized service of the hotel staff and most importantly a know-how of how these all can combine and create a sense of personal service among the guests which adds to the ultra personal service vibe of the boutique hotels. You may want to check out for more.

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Another factor which every boutique luxury hotel must have is a great food and beverages. An exceptional food and beverage service must be an important fixture in the hotels mainly because the boutique luxury hotels are independently owned thus having more experimental flavours, sometimes more renowned chefs and they have more newer choices in terms of beverages. Some have in house celebrity chefs to boot which do live cooking for their select crowd of customers.

Fourth very important factor for a hotel to be called a boutique hotel is its need to have very unique theme. A unique theme is necessary to establish the independent hotels identity among the rest this can prove to be important once the hotel starts to gain prominence in the scene. This is evident by the most popular boutique hotels that are seen in popular places like New York and Washington. Some showcase works of art in their hotel, some focus on their eco-friendliness, while some dish out their wine cellars for the wine connoisseurs, while some play on the classical music pieces incessantly.