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Basic Laptop Maintenance

August 19, 2019 | Computer And Technology | No Comments

Got yourself a Nice New Laptop? Great, and I KNOW you want to make it last for a few years, right?

Computers get hot, CPUs and hard drives specifically, and they are cooled with air flowing around them, moved by the fans in the system. Especially note; Laptops do not have the airflow that a desktop has and should be shut down after 8 hours of use, and are not intended to be left on 24/7. There are a few other issues regarding batteries too. learn how to take proper care of your laptop

 Causes of Overheating

It is important to note that the air intake on most current laptops is located on the bottom. This is a significant (deliberate) design flaw. The problems start when you place your laptop on the bed or the sofa or other soft location. The short feet on your laptop sink in, and firstly, the fabric restricts the airflow. Furthermore, Dust and pet hair will be picked up like a vacuum cleaner and pushed into the laptops heat-sink, which is there to remove heat from the CPU.

When the air stops moving over the heat-sink, whether it is from the Fan no longer moving, or simply no longer able to push air through the heat-sink, the laptop will start to get very hot, affecting its performance at first and (without careful, thorough cleaning) will eventually cook the CPU and the delicate small electronics near it.

Avoiding Overheating

The best way to prolong the life of your new laptop is to avoid using it without first placing on a clean, smooth, flat surface. If you must work in bed, be sure to get yourself a laptop stand, preferably one with a mesh bottom, or even fans to help move air around your laptop.

Periodically (every 3-6 mos), you should use a can of air (duster), and with the laptop set on it’s side, so you can see the dust being blown out of the fan intake, shoot a few gusts of air into the heat exhaust port, usually located on the back or side of your laptop. If you cannot hear the fan moving, then you may need to closely examine the intake and see if there are clumps of hair/dust the need to be pulled free of the fan. If you cannot remove them yourself, bring it in to your local repair shop for a tune-up and cleaning.

Laptop Batteries:

A few notes about Lithium-ion batteries. Whereas they don’t have the same issues with memory like the old Nickel-Cadmium Cells, when they are exposed to extreme temps, they lose their effectiveness to hold a charge, so avoid battery suicide by NEVER leaving them in the car overnight during the winter, or during a hot summer day. (this applies to all current batteries, like cell phones, etc).

[TIP #1] If you intend to use the laptop plugged into AC all the time, remove and bag up the battery, and store it at room temperature, then it should work when you need it.

[TIP #2] If you’re having trouble starting your PC, try removing the battery, and try it again, sometimes they get stuck.

Replacement Batteries can be found cheap ($40-60)on the web, see how they have responded to warranty requests, if you can find that kind of commentary. A good service store will order from a reliable source for you for maybe around $100, and handle warranty issues for you…

Laptop AC Cords & Power Jacks:

If you suspect that you have a bad power jack, or a bad AC adapter, you should have them checked immediately. Continuing to use a laptop with an intermittent power supply will eventually cause a laptop’s motherboard to fail, due to power spikes.

Replacement of a faulty AC Adapter is easy. Some smaller laptops require 60 watts of power, minimum, where most normal-sized units require 90 watts. Be sure to get one that matches the jack-size and Voltage, and meets or exceeds the minimum Amperage indicated on the laptop, or you will over-draw your new replacement AC Adapter and burn it up.

For a gamer, what can be more fulfilling than to build your own gaming computer? In fact, the only way to get the best out of your computer and maximize your gaming experience is to build it yourself. However, there are tightly kept secrets among computer retailers that they don’t want you to know, because it will affect their profitability to a great extent. This article will reveal the secrets that all gamers need to know.Checkout gaming rig for more info.

Secret 1) It is very easy to build your own gaming computer

If everyone knows how easy it is to build a computer, then no one will be buying from the computer retailers. This is why most computer retailers tell you that it is very troublesome and complicated to build your own and it is better off to buy one off the shelf. In actual fact, my 10 years old kid took only 1 hour to figure out how to build a computer. How long do you think you need?

Secret 2) It is much cheaper to build your own gaming computer than to buy one off the shelf

Keep in mind that the main focus of the computer retailer is to make as much profit from you, not how good your gaming experience is. As such, never expect a cheap gaming computer from computer retailers. Occasionally, computer retailers may package their computers in a low price to entice you to buy. The fact is: you will not be getting the quality component that your price is paying. Most of the parts in the computer will not be suitable for gaming usage. It might boost the latest CPU in the market, but the power supply, graphics card, motherboards and memory are parts that get obsolete very fast. If you are patient enough to shop around and source for the parts you want, you can save up to 30 – 50% of what you going to pay at the retail stores.

Secret 3) Off the shelf computers are not upgradeable

Building your own computer allows you to choose the parts that are upgradeable in the future. Off the shelf computers don’t and the retailers are keeping mum about it. Most off the shelf computers are using parts that will grow obsolete in a year or two times and the only choice you have then is to buy another computer from them again.

Secret 4) You don’t need extended warranties and technical support

Your computer retailers will definitely sell you the benefit of having extended warranties and technical support because they know that most of the time, it will not realise and it is a pure profit for them. By buying one, you’re betting that your product will break, that the extended warranty will cover the damage, and that repairing the product would cost more than you paid for the extended warranty. In that case, why bother to buy from them in the first place? When you build your own gaming computer, each part comes with warranty. Even if it spoils, you only have to change the individual part rather than the whole computer. This is much cheaper than what you pay for the extended warranty. In addition, the lifespan of a computer system is generally 3-5 years. By the time your whole computer system is spoilt, it is also time to get a new one because all your computer parts will be obsolete by then.

The only way to get the best out of your computer, be it the cost or the gaming performance, is to build your own gaming computer. Computer retailers are keeping mum about this fact and trying means to entice you to buy from them. If you are serious about gaming, don’t ever let the computer retailers stand in your way of owning your very best gaming computer.

There are several important considerations you will need to examine when deciding to purchase an office phone system. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable telephone vendor. Keep in mind that being reputable doesn’t mean having the biggest name in the industry. I strongly suggest you to visit Office Phone Systems Dallas to learn more about this. Beware of some of the larger companies that want to sell you what they have instead of exactly what you need. Buy your office system and don’t allow yourself to be sold something that is not what you want.

It is wise to contact at least three telephone system dealers for the sake of comparison. There will be differences in products, prices, and services and you need to get a feel for what price is high and what prices are so low that they just sound far too good to be true. Comparison shopping also allows you to see the differences in technologies that are out on the market today. You do not want to buy an office phone system that will be obsolete in a few months or even a few years.

When buying office phone systems, you should not be skimpy on your budget. Be realistic because you will get what you pay for and you do not want a cut-rate office system that will not do the things that you need it to do for you. Budget wisely and set your budget high enough to obtain quality equipment. You need to try to get the most you possibly can from you present office phone system.

Perhaps you just need to upgrade to handle more traffic, be compatible with voice mail systems, etc. If you have thought ahead and actually over-wired your present system, then you will be in good shape to add bells and whistles and not an entire system. You should also consider whether to buy all new equipment, or try to buy used phone systems. Refurbished items are always so much cheaper than new ones, and if they work like new so much the better for you.

One of the final considerations that you might want to think about is upgrading your office phone system to VoIP technology. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This consideration will probably depend on how computer rich and dependent you business has become. Voice over internet protocol is the wave of the future and it is true that land lines are becoming obsolete.

Games are of different types. Here it deals with PC and console. They have existed since decennaries. And the debate on them has been existed till from the beginning itself. Which one is better? Which one is affordable? So many queries are repeated. Today, there are various options to choose when it comes to the platform to be played. They are available everywhere now days, everyone can buy PC games from the market, or can pre order games online.

PC Gaming

While considering PC the way of gaming is very different from the console gaming pattern. Computers allow customizing the style and way they play them with some tweaks in the control options and visual details. What will you do if your PC becomes outdated? The solution is simple. You upgrade. The thing is that, if your PC doesn’t meet the necessary requirements of the gaming platform, simply update the PC and feel the deck of gaming. No need to bother about the outdated requirements and no need of selling the outdated ones. The main advantage of PC gaming is that the PC can be customized and used to meet the demands of the upcoming apps. pc gaming vs consoles

Console Gaming Deck

Talking about recent mass of next gen video consoles like the ps3, Xbox 360 and the latest Wii the features and the specifications differs entirely from the arena of PC gaming. The graphics and supportive features of these make them special and ready to plug and play while on PC it demands lengthy installation. Everyone wish to buy game consoles these times because of the extended features provided by the market. But what if the gaming becomes outdated? Either you have to sell them and buy the new version or you can keep the old ones and demand the updated ones. It’s not a serious problem faced by the hardcore players who loved to play the most updated ones.

PC versus Console Games

Coming to the debate on PC versus console gaming, there are numerous advantages to PC gaming zone as well as in the deck of console gaming, and there are some particular games that can be played on both the platforms. Fascination is the force that drives individual players to experience this. The real conflict is that the hard-core players may appraise the PC ones over the console ones. This is happening because they are offering more controls as in the keyboard, provide quality graphics and so on.

Difference in hardware & Installation

On PC, you need to install it in to your hard disk which demands a lengthy installation time and also you have to make sure that your PC meets the technical requirements in order to play. But in console gaming, if you buy ps3 games or other Xbox ones, you do not need to worry about the technical side, coz it’s fully armed to move on to the destination. This is where everyone finds the invasion of console gaming and its future scope.


Console players have doubted about the upcoming era or future of computer gaming. But even with all the staying doubts, computer gaming is here to stay, even when we are waiting in anticipation for PS4 India. Everyone is sure that this debate cannot end. The players will perpetually vouch for their gaming platform they love most. Taking into consideration of both the platforms discussed above, each finds its own level in a unique way, no one can question the flexibility and customizations provided with the PC gaming zone. Enjoy the world of gaming in your own platform, either PC or console or from buy games online India or from any other sources.

The web hosting company that you choose greatly determines the progress of your business. It may strengthen your business or bring it down forever and therefore it is upon you to make the right choice. If you choose the right hosting company, then things will be better, otherwise you will mess with your business forever. One is advisable to focus on those hosting companies that are easy to reach and are in a position to fix customers problem effectively. Unreliable hosting companies do exist and posses a lot of problems since they can be unreachable especially during the critical time and thus some tips on choosing the right web hosting company have been identified.

In order to make the right choice of the web hosting company, one is supposed to choose a company whose major and primary service is hosting. The company is not supposed to be undertaking multiple services since it its major interest may be in the other services instead of hosting. It may be difficult to identify this but through thorough investigation, one can get to know. The other tip is that, one is supposed to choose a company with a good reputation for the online security. It is noted that the most secure web hosting companies provide the SSL certificates to guarantee security. If you find that a company claims to do web hosting and it is lacking the SSL certificate, then it is advisable to avoid that company. Such companies without the SSL certificate pose fear to people and visitors to those sites just leave them without inserting any of their identity.Get more informations of ServerMania Data Center in Montreal.

It is also advisable to choose a web hosting company with excellent customer support. Apart from the provision of email address on the site, it should also provide a reliable phone number whereby the staff can be contacted any time by the customers. Most preferably, the phone number should be a toll free call which increases the company’s legitimacy to customers. Right price for your needs is also to be considered. Although there is no free lunch on web hosting, one should be average, that is, to choose a price that is not too low and not too high.