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A fact about commercial refrigeration installation systems is that you can get the best out of these installations only when you are fully aware of the entire working process or the mechanism that they use for running. With this knowledge, it would become very easy for you to not just use these machines, but also look after and maintain them as well as use them in a perfect manner. In this post, we will go through the main process involved in the running or functioning of these installations and the first thing that we will review is the entire cooling process. By clicking here we get info about  Wine Coolers

The Cooling Process

-According to those offering commercial refrigeration installation services, all these installations run on the principle called, “Second law of Thermodynamics”.

-According to this principle, when two objects of different temperature are brought closer to each other, heat will start travelling from the warmer objects to the colder one.

-This is the same process that these commercial refrigeration installations utilise, as they bring into use a refrigerant solution that helps in transferring heat from warmer objects to the refrigerant.

-In other words, the heat or warmness from every kind of food that we store in them starts getting transferred from them towards the refrigerant.

-In this regards, it is important to know that the refrigerant solutions use or obey the second physical principle and this principle states that gasses are cools as they are expended, but they start getting warmer as they are compressed.

-When these gasses are cycling through the refrigeration system, the refrigerant is sent through a series of pressure changes with a goal of improving its efficiency and speed.

-This efficiency and speed is used in relation with the heat that it removes from the refrigeration to keep it entirely cool.

The Refrigerant

-According to those offering commercial refrigeration installation services and other services like commercial refrigeration repairs, this refrigerant is basically the key of success of these machines.

-Different kinds of refrigerants have been used in the past and till around some time back, Freon was the most common refrigerant found in these machines like commercial refrigerators and air conditioners.

-But since it was causing significant damage to the earth’s ozone layer, it has now been discontinued and other, safer refrigerant like tetrafluoroethane are being used across the globe.

-It was found that Freon was damaging the earth’s ozone layer faster that our expectations and was causing the earth’s temperature to rise because of sun’s radiations.

The use of safer refrigerants has proved as a very significant step in continually improving the efficiency and eco-friendliness of modern refrigeration systems.

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