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Different Volleyball Serves

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Being able to serve difficult serves is important because it will lead to bad serve recieve passes that will ultimately lead to bad attempt at a kill. Because of this, if you master 2 or three of these types of serves you are no doubt going to help you team win.Have a look at volleyballhero.com for more info on this.

In the sport of volleyball, there really are only three serves that are going to be the most effective (I am definitely not speaking of the underhand serve here). If the three serves mentioned here are used to the fullest you will definitely score points for your team. If you want to be an all around good player, your going to need to master these skills.

The top spin serve, the float serve, and the jump serve are the three serves that are going to influence your game the most. These are the only effective serves that you will ever see in competitive volleyball. If it is your goal to be an excellent player, again, learn how to do these serves.

So let’s take a look at these serves:

-Top Spinner

The top spin serve is a serve that makes the ball look a curve ball pitched from a baseball player. The ball is going to curve straight down. The way to do it is to put as much top spin on the ball as possible. By hitting the ball really hard and snapping your wrist, you should get the ball to spin towars the ground as it crosses the net. This is a tough serve to receive because serve receivers are going to pulled closer to the net than they may think they need to be.

-The Floater

The floater is a cool serve because this is going to cause the ball to do some really odd things. It is called a float serve because the ball appears to float and not want to come down out of the air. In addition, the ball moves very weirdly, back and forth, and serve recievers have a tough time reading the path of the ball. A good float serve should have almost no spin, should have a good pace on it, and should go right over the top of the net, as low as possible.

-The Jump Serve

By and far, the jumo serve is going to be the fastest, hardest hit serve there is. A player literally throws the ball in the air and takes the same approach as if they were spiking. The player jumps as high and as hard as possible, striking the ball with a huge wrist snap to get serious top spin. This serve is served faster than any other serve there is, upward to 100 mph. If you want to intimidate your opponents, use this serve.

That is it. Three of the best serves in volleyball. Learn how to do them to become effective.

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