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Dock Maintenance Tips

March 3, 2019 | Business | No Comments

Owning a boat is great way to have fun. Take it out for the day to bask in the sun, spend time with family and friends, or even catch that nights supper. But owning a boat also comes with some responsibilities. Namely, you have to have a place to keep your boat when it is not in use. A popular choice for fresh water is a dock made from fully welded steel. When the dock is fully welded it is practically all one piece, making it much stronger to withstand the strain of fluctuating water conditions. Having a custom dock built to your specific boating and shoreline needs is a wonderful way to make sure you are provided with exactly what you want for long lasting waterfront enjoyment.

Many people choose to lower their chances of needing extensive repairs made to their dock maintenance by hiring a professional to routinely inspect the dock for common problems that can be easily repaired. Minor maintenance like keeping the cables adjusted properly, checking for storm damage, and cleaning the decking and ladders can help prevent future problems but could easily be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Regularly maintaining a dock keeps it safe and looking good!

Though there are all different kinds of boat docks to choose from, all will need routine maintenance, and weather and time will usually cause most docks to need some repairs now and then. When the water levels fluctuate the dock will rise and fall, possibly causing structural weakening over time. Sometimes, when water levels become very low, a boat dock can become stuck and need to be lifted and re-floated. Other repairs can include new decking, re-welding and resealing.

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