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So you’ve identified that you or someone you love needs help. So what then are the options are far as alcoholism addiction treatment and treatment for drug addiction?

I believe that rehab or a professional inpatient treatment program should always be your first choice Рwhere you will spend typically 3-6 weeks in treatment getting clean and sober (length of stay can vary depending where you go)  visit The Freedom Center to learn more about this.

The reason I think rehab should be your first choice – is because it not only helps you detox – but follows a focused in-patient treatment program that will help you deal with a lot of the ‘stuff’ that causes you to use or drink.

Getting that same level of quality care and treatment is much harder if you don’t go to rehab. And just as importantly, a good rehab or treatment center not only helps you get clean, but prepares you for a life outside its walls in terms of equipping you to maintain your sobriety once you leave.

Many people have a perception that rehab is unaffordable and so is realistically never going to happen. There are a lot of treatment centers however, that have government backing, and so make it possible for just about anyone to go.

I honestly believe rehab should always be your first choice, but what are your other options? You could try addiction and alcoholism self-help approaches, which would involve you working on the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of yourself – and therefore provide enormous potential for growth and transformation. I don’t have space to go into detail here (check out my website for that). I still think however that rehab is your best bet (at least initially) – because trying to do it yourself is so much harder.

Alternative alcoholism and addiction treatments are also becoming more popular. Alternative alcoholism treatments and the like definitely have a role to play – but I still think they should be used alongside a more traditional approach first – because there is so much to gain from the professionals who help you in a place like rehab.

So as far as alcoholism addiction treatment and treatment for drug addiction goes – try get yourself into a rehab or treatment center first and foremost. Addiction and Alcoholism Self-Help methods and things like alternative alcoholism treatments do have a role to play – but try give yourself the best possible chance of recovery by going into an inpatient program first.

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