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“We’ve fallen out of love” and “We just aren’t meant for each other.” These and other popular clich├ęs have unfortunately been heard between husbands and wives today. If you are a married husband or wife, whether newlyweds or been wedded for years, do you feel the same as the aforementioned statements? Well, you are not alone. BUT! At this moment, try to stop–and think before making a speedy decision to end your marriage.Have a look at read this guide from for more info on this.

Here are a few but crucial things you must know about divorce.

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1. The Financial Problem

Marital separation worldwide proved to have injuriously affected women financially. A seven-year European study, headed by Mieke Jansen, exposed that after split-up, the income of women dropped off by 17 percent, while men’s income increased by 11 percent. According to Jansen, this is more difficult to most women because they have to find a job to support them and their children’s material needs, plus the fact that they have to deal with the emotional and mental stresses brought about by the separation.

So stop and think. Divorcing your mate may shrink your earnings. If the custody remains on your side, it would be much harder since you would have to sustain yourself and your children’s needs.


2. Issues On Parenting

One woman in Britain who divorced her husband admits that she faced the challenge of being both mom and dad to her kids. It placed real pressure on her part for she had to do all the decisions by herself.

Same scenario might happen to you after divorce. You couldn’t help but negotiate with your ex regarding issues on visitation arrangements, financial support, discipline, and so on. Though custody arrangements are set forth in the court of law, those may not be what you exactly wanted yourself.

3. Its Effect On You

At the height of conflict with your spouse, you might really be enraged by your hard feelings towards your mate. However, after the separation, your feelings of hatred and bitterness may still remain. There may be times when you have to deal with a crushing emotional distress.

4. Its Effect On Your Children

While divorce has an undeniably devastating effect on both mates, the truth is, it may have even greater and more devastating attack on the children. This becomes more complicated when the spouse does not encourage healthy relationship with the ex-mate.

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