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If something happens to a screen in your home then you will need to look for continued protection. What you will need to look for is what material is the screen made of since they come in fiberglass, metal wire, as well as other fibers. The material that is made of should have a little stretch so it will be able to fit withing the frame.  You may want to stick to what you already have or consider some of the newer lightweight but durable materials.  Another option you have is to either buy the screen already framed or on a roll to use with your existing frame.

With the adjustable replacement window screens you would need to measure the width which is the part that is adjustable and the height but that is fixed so you will have to decide how much of an opening you will want. easy older home updates: replacing your outdated windows

Now if you feel handy and would like to do it yourself, then you can buy the screen in a roll to fit the to the frame.  New York Wire makes good quality screens that are both durable and flexible.  Many of the screen rolls come quite long giving you the opportunity if necessary to have all replacement window screens done.

What you will want to do is when you measure your window screen frame you will want to go a little over the frame screen size so you will have enough room to fit the screen to the frame.  The last thing you want is to cut it too small where it will not fit. The rolls do come in different sizes if you would just like to do one or two windows also the material varies so you will have to choose which one you would prefer.

Since replacement window screens are not very expensive, you will need to think twice if you are considering not to replace it. The reason screens were thought of in the first place was to protect the home if the windows are open from bugs, animals, leaves and what ever may be crawling or blowing around outside.  The other reason to have screens is to also provide fresh air into the home and if there are windows in the front and back or on the sides, you are able to get cross ventilation.

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