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The steps that you take to prepare for interior painting can mean the difference between a good experience and a nightmare. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. knows just what it takes to prepare your space for the job. They can work with you to help ensure that your experience with interior painting is one that you will not regret.learn moreĀ 

Simple Tips to Prepare for Interior Painting

-Choose the right colors. Keep in mind that different finishes will reflect light differently so you need to not only look at color but at the finish as well. Try getting a few samples and painting a piece of poster board and taping that to different walls at different times of the day. It will help you get a better feel for how that color will look on the walls.

-Clear the space. The more interior painting you will be doing then the more space you will need to clear. One room jobs will allow you to move objects into another room for the duration of the project. Larger projects may require the rental of a temporary storage facility.

-Remove fixtures, switch covers and socket covers. Get everything out of the way of the painting so that you will have smooth spaces.

-Block off the openings to other rooms. You may have to deal with some dust if any of the walls or trim need sanding before the painting begins. The fumes from the paint can also be an issue. Taking the time to block off the room will help reduce the problems that can come from interior painting.

-Deal with any problems. Have holes patched or other damage corrected before the painting begins. You may be able to cover over the problem with a little paint, but it will probably end up causing more issues down the road.

-Cover up what does not need paint. Drop clothes can cover the floor. Painters tape can block the trim or ceiling. The more you protect what does not need painting the easier your cleanup should be when the interior painting is complete.

The key to a good painting experience is preparation. Spend some time getting the space ready for the project and you will find that it goes smoother and the cleanup is even easier. Little steps can make a big difference when it comes to interior painting.

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