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The first dating tip to consider is that there is not a lot of difference between eager to make a good impression and appearing desperate. Appearing to be desperate is a tragic move to make with your new girl.more SwallowSalon

The second dating tip is to keep her interested by showing that you can get by without her attention. By doing this you will have her rushing back for more.

The third dating tip is to remember that people always want what they can’t have. She will want more of you if you limit the amount of time you offer her. By making yourself totally available she will lose interest much faster than if you only see her for lesser times.

Another excellent dating tip is that you will appear more valuable to her if she can see that you have a life of your own. She will feel treasured if she thinks that you are taking time out of your busy life to spend with her.

Try these other dating tips:

1. Don’t call back straight away. Unless it is a matter of life and death let her wait for your call or text is a great dating tip. Don’t take this to extremes though, and always call back the same day. An excellent dating tip to factor is that there is a fine line between making her wait and appearing rude. Make sure you don’t cross that line.

2. Refuse some dates. An excellent dating tip strategy is to not always say yes to hanging out with her. You have your own life and interests to maintain. She needs reminders that you don’t need her for your social life. Appearing busy is a great dating tip.

3. Get yourself a life. Find hobbies and sports to fill up your spare time. You will be too busy to be hanging off her. You need to show her that you can get by just fine without her. A great dating tip is that she will miss you more if she senses you don’t need her.

4. Stretching out the first date. This is a big no no and should not be done. The best dating tip strategy is to not hang around at the end of the date. See her safely home and leave. This will definitely raise her curiosity. Hang around like a door mat and you will be treated like one.

5. Get her thinking. A great dating tip is to leave a few days between phone calls. Don’t be always having post date chats with her. Leave her wondering when you will ring and what you might be doing next. Having a few days between dates is critical for getting her to want you more is a fine dating tip.

6. Don’t date her on weekends. This fine dating tip will have her begging to be included on your weekend outings. Date her during the week initially, leaving her with the impression that your weekends are bursting with other activities. Simple dates during the week will have her wanting you more and more.

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