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Tamper Proof Key Rings

February 4, 2019 | Business | No Comments

What is “Key Control”? The answer seems simple; you have control of your keys. But how do you do this and why is it important? You should be able to account for of all your keys; for instance, how many house keys do you have and who has them? You could ask the same questions about office, vehicle and machinery keys. Control becomes even more important if you have many keys that you must give to employees to service customers or equipment.Do you want to learn more? Visit how to identify lock tampering.

Let’s look at house keys. Whether the house is new or old, ask yourself two questions. How many were cut and who has them; a past house cleaning service, pest service or contractor that was working inside your home. If you answer “I don’t know”, the solution to your problem is easily resolved; replace the locks or re-key them. Both methods will provide the same results. You will know how many were cut and who has them. This will give you control of your keys and your security.

Over the years we accumulate keys for many applications. If you own a business your spare, office and equipment keys are a very serious and potentially expensive problem. Below are two methods of securing keys:

Tamper-Proof Key Rings:

Tamper Proof Rings have a permanent seal that cannot be opened once it is closed with special sealing tools. These key rings have a unique serial number for tracking; and once crimped, there is a smooth surface to move keys around the ring. Tamper Proof Rings are available in solid or flexible rings and come in different lengths.

Lockable Key Rings:

Lockable Rings with the Medeco High Security Lock Cylinder secures the keys on the ring. Only the person with the proper key can open the Lockable Rings, thereby securing all the keys on the ring. The rings can be solid or flexible and come in different lengths.

These two methods produce the same solution; they both control your keys. Let’s take a look at a real world problem for a business. In the vending business many keys are given to a service person to stock the vending machines. If they are not on a secure ring the service person can remove one and come back after hours to remove money from the machine. With a secure ring the key cannot be removed, the rings are returned at the end of the day with all the keys attached. This is a perfect example of controlling your keys.

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