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Tooth Extraction- Dental Care

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When people are hesitant to “extract their teeth” or “no teeth”, first of all, you must understand the indications for tooth extraction: but the indications are relative, should be based on the medical level and the patient’s own conditions; the following are indications:

  1. A serious and difficult to repair of tooth disease , such as residual roots , residual crown
  2. apical disease can not be treated with root canal, apical resection and other methods of retention of periapical patients.
  3. advanced periodontal disease Most of the bone tissue around the teeth is destroyed or cannot be treated due to conditions.

4 Trauma teeth are broken by the wound to the underarm, and there are root folds, which cannot be preserved by other treatment methods.Look at this website:dental care page at

  1. Displacement or dislocation teeth affect function and Aesthetic, causing disease or trauma, dislocation teeth or dislocation teeth that prevent denture repair
  2. Resistant teeth Repeatedly caused pericoronitis or caused by adjacent gums.
  3. More abnormal shape of the teeth, affecting the appearance; Multi-dental teeth that impede function.
  4. Treatment needs teeth that need to be removed due to orthodontic treatment or denture restoration; teeth that need to be removed to prevent serious complications before radiotherapy for nausea; and benign tumors
  5. Retained deciduous teeth.
  6. Diseased teeth.

With the improvement of medical level, the residual root and residual crown can be preserved in principle ( X-slice shows no apical edema, no puncture, no crack ). Experienced The dentist will combine the dental tablets to carefully check the clinical condition of the teeth. Is a ” pull ” or ” does not pull .” But doctors have no experience, often with a ” dental films”And decided to “extract”.. To cause adverse consequences for patients.

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