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Top 3 Tips For Brewing Better Coffee

December 17, 2018 | Business | No Comments

Tragically, most people take their coffee for granted. It is made almost on auto-pilot, the first action as you groggily wake up. So it’s no surprise that the result is less than astounding – bitter, harsh, and purely there to give you a quick caffeine boost that dies almost as quickly. But making a better cup of coffee is simple to do and very rewarding for your body and soul.You can get additional information at tips for a better coffee brew at home.

Take Water Seriously
Water – it’s the one thing you need besides coffee to make coffee. You may already drink bottled water but think that tap water is OK for brewing coffee – well, it makes a difference. Try using a filter on your sink or a filtered pitcher; alternatively, go for large containers of bottled spring water. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Grind Your Own
Of course it’s easier to just go into a store and purchase your coffee already ground. But remember that every second that ground coffee is exposed to air, its flavor decreases. To save that flavor you must buy your own beans and grind them yourself, preferably right before you brew and no earlier. This way you preserve all the powerful flavors and aromas – smelling and tasting these is the key to a good coffee experience. Some things to know about grinding: faster speeds and higher temperatures also contribute to flavor loss. It is actually better to invest in a grinder with a slow motor that can grind at a cooler temperature. This is another way to keep that flavor intact for the drink.

Store Correctly
The best thing you can do for your beans is to keep them in a container that does not allow any air in. You need to trap the tasty flavor molecules and hold them hostage until the last second. Look for special jars that have a rubber seal – these are usually made of glass and have a metal fastener to keep it shut tight. Do not store coffee in the fridge. If you have purchased more coffee than can fit in your container, you can freeze the beans or grinds in your freezer, but again make sure they are still in an air-tight container or the sealed packaging you bought them in.

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