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Types Of Glass For Glass Showers

April 3, 2019 | Business | No Comments

When considering on having a Glass Shower installed in the wash space, it is very important that the consumer be aware of the many types of glass there are to choose from and to have a good idea of some of the many design possibilities that each of the glass categories have. A lack of knowledge in this particular subject can lead to a wrong decision in design and quite possibly much regret. This subject would need it’s own book or magazine to adequately explain, as of which it is not possible too do so in this venue. Therefore, I simply intend to scratch the surface on the three family types of Glass that are being used the most in Glass Showers.Visit our website¬†read more.

First and foremost is Tempered Glass. Clear Tempered Glass is the most commonly used type of glass with Glass Showers. Yet it can virtually come in any color imaginable. The four thicknesses of Tempered Glass most commonly used are 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″ and 1/2″. Clear or lightly colored glass panels can be Frosted for privacy, or Etched and even Airbrushed with any custom design. Some people like to have Designs Textured into the Glass by Firing it in the Kiln. Most Textured Glass usually comes in 5/16″ thick.

Secondly is Cast Glass. Of all the types of shower glass categories, Cast Glass is by far the most expensive with a truly almost endless number of design possibilities to choose from. Ranging from the color, texture and the thickness. Cast Glass is by far the most custom of all glass for the wash space.

Thirdly is Laminated Glass. A Framed Shower unit is most definitely needed when it comes to Laminated Glass in order to prevent Mold from building up in between the Laminate. This glass can be clear or it can come in any color. And it can have designed paper or plastic sheets laminated between the glass panels to give it a desired effect. Laminated Glass can also be Frosted, Etched and or Airbrushed.

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